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Firefighting ropes with special design accessories

Image When attaching short or longlines to a helicopter primary cargo hook, it is crucial to abide by the indications given by the manufacturer regarding the size and suitability of accessories. Firefighting is a highly specific task which involves even more specifications. For example, helicopters equipped with cross beams (AS332 of the Federal Police) or load beams (H135-M, H145-M, BELL 429) have reduced ground clearance, so the bulky control head of helicopter buckets can already be a problem. A&H EQU offers a large number of special design fittings and customised solutions for firefighting ropes of all lengths. The schematic illustration in our data sheets only gives an initial idea of what is feasible, so we invite you to contact us and ask for special solutions. But be warned: you will be asked a lot of questions about your cargo hook model, plug connections, cross sections and so forth... FC 2019-05-29

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